naturArt Nature Photography Festival

Venue: Corvin Művelődési Ház

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Foundation of NaturArt

In 1989, right after the regime change, the Association of Hungarian Nature Photographers, NaturArt was founded.

The founders believed – and the association’s current members also share this idea – that there is a great need for a nature photographer association, which colligates, nurses and maintains the traditions of the Hungarian nature photography, gives opportunities to ambitions and which sets the course in the ethical nature photography.

Our Organization

NaturArt is an open organization, anyone can join who deserves the right with his or her photos.

Our current membership of around 70 members contain the most successful nature photographers in Hungary.


We have been organizing for the 26th time the biggest local nature photography contest, the Nature Photographer of the Year competiotion.

We were the first in the World to introduce the totally transparent jury process, which is open and live on the Internet, which was followed from 15 countries this year.

The news of the award ceremony in November is always on front page in the media, this year we reached about 3 million people.

2018 NOVEMBER 6. – 17:00

Magyar Természettudományi Múzeum

Nature Photography Festival

Our yearly traditional event is the NaturArt Nature Photo Festival, where among our international recognised members, we could welcome some world stars such as Sandra Bartocha, Sergey Gorshkov, Dorin Bofán, Bágyi Ferenc, Javier Aznar.

Board members

Fáth Péter


Dr. Fodor Ferenc

Vice – President

Dombovári Tibor

Dr. Kalotás Zsolt

Kármán Balázs

Kőműves Kata

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