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Dr. Perlaky

Dr. Laszlo Perlaky is a Baylor College of Medicine faculty member at Texas Children’s Cancer Center during the week, and an avid nature photographer on the weekends. He was born and raised in Hungary, traveled throughout Europe, Japan, and the USA, finally settling with his wife, Alexandra Nemeth, and two children in Houston, TX in 1990.
His high affinity towards both the natural environment and the camera helped him pursue photography and gradually perfect his craft. For the first 20 years, he photographed in 35mm black and white, and then transitioned to chrome film, working with it exclusively for the following 15 years, then after his digital capturing era, he returned to the film and photographs exclusively on it with his large-format (4x5 and 8x10) field cameras.. He develops his films and produces archival, pigment ink prints and hand crafted Platinum Palladium prints on hand made fine art paper.
He is a member of several national and international photographic organizations, teaches a wide variety of photography classes at the Houston Center for Photography, Houston Audubon Society and is a photography instructor at the Houston Photography Study Group. He leads monthly Photo-walks at Brazos Bend State Park and conducts his Naturalperl workshops more than 25 years. He is the past editor and publisher of the Silver Image (2001, 2003) and past Print Competition Vice President of the Houston Photographic Society (2014). He is member of the New England Large Format Photography Collective and naturArt.
He has successfully participated and received awards in international and national photography contests, published his images in magazines, books, calendars, and exhibited his work extensively at major art festivals, print sales and auctions. His limited edition fine art prints are available.
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